As you know, we created some ‘Eid Mubarak Post’ with the intention of Khidmat. We have given you the option to type the message and write your name with the name you wanted to send. Even the font style. That too as many copies as you wanted. We took time to redesign and sent them to your provided contact info. Many thought it was automatic or software. But no, that was created manually.

Free festival post
Provided Designs of Post

“Read this article for more details: Eid Mubarak Personalised Post for FREE

People liked that very much and they gave us many blessings. Which made our day.

Here are some Feedback they written. (Jazakallah Khair to them)

We also got some feedback for our work, which they has given to improve our self. Actually it is a great gift for us. we learned a lot from it. We will be back for Eid Al Adha 2022 with different intention and improvement but that would be same for you.


Stay in touch. To be continued…